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Is QDM For You?

Quality deer management is not a panacea and many things should be considered before implementing QDM practices on your hunting land. If you answer yes to the following questions, QDM may be right for you.

  • Do you have enough acreage to manage your deer population without being severely affected by hunting pressure on adjacent properties? If not, will your neighbors join you and possibly others in forming a QDM cooperative?
  • Is the habitat on your hunting property adequate to produce and maintain a healthy deer herd? If not, do you and your hunting companions have the funds, equipment, and commitment to manage and improve the habitat?
  • Do the deer-hunting regulations in your province or state allow enough flexibility to manage your herd? Does your province or state wildlife agency encourage and assist landowners with management and allow adequate doe harvests?
  • Are you and your hunting companions prepared to commit to a long-term (often five or more years) management program?
  • Do you and your hunting companions understand the financial, time, and energy commitments and have realistic expectations regarding a QDM program?

When considering QDM, realistic expectations must be stressed. Management goals should be set with the potential of the local herd in mind. As a quality herd becomes established, it is important not to let expectations exceed the capabilities of the herd or habitat. Significant changes to deer herds and deer habitats do not happen overnight and often take several years to become obvious.