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The Future of Deer Hunting and Herd Management

The QDMA's early days were devoted to convincing hunters, landowners, and even many biologists, that QDM could work and hunter attitudes could change. Thousands of success stories later, this is no longer the most difficult task. In more recent years, new challenges have surfaced. Whitetail populations have skyrocketed, hunter numbers have declined, hunter attitudes have changed, society's respect for deer has declined, we are losing deer wintering yards at an alarming rate and diseases have threatened some herds. Collectively, these issues are more difficult, complex, and important than at any time in history.

Now, more than ever, whitetail hunters must unite in a collective effort to ensure that whitetail hunting and management remain an integral part of wildlife management in the future.

The QDMA has faced each new challenge head-on and will continue to do so while pursuing our mission to become the most respected, most influential, and most effective whitetail conservation organization in the world. To accomplish this goal, the QDMA needs your support.