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Membership and Code of Conduct

This is the code of conduct that all QDMA members are expected to adhere to in their hunting activities.

  • Members should know and obey all hunting rules and regulations. Any conviction for the willful violation of a game law will result in expulsion from the QDMA.
  • Members should learn as much as possible about wildlife management, recreational hunting, and hunting ethics.
  • Members should act in a manner which brings credit to deer hunting and the QDMA.
  • Members should present a positive image to the public by setting examples as responsible hunters.
  • Members should participate in hunter education and safety courses and encourage other hunters to do the same.
  • Members should respect the activities and beliefs of other hunters, landowners, and the public.
  • Members should support the objectives of the QDMA.
  • Members should adopt this Code of Conduct