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Advantages of Becoming a Member

The QDMA is a grassroots, membership-based organization open to anyone with an interest in the wise management of white-tailed deer and preservation of the deer-hunting heritage. By joining the QDMA, you will undertake a path toward becoming the most knowledgeable deer hunter and manager possible.

Your membership entitles you to a subscription to Quality Whitetails, the QDMA's acclaimed deer management journal. Each issue is filled with cutting-edge information on all aspects of deer biology, management, and habitat enhancement written by North America's leading whitetail experts. Your membership also provides access to the QDMA's experts through numerous seminars and workshops held annually throughout the nation.

You also will gain access to the QDMA's extensive line of educational books, videos, maps, posters, and booklets, as well as discounts on commonly-used deer management products and services.

Finally, your membership will allow you to participate in a local QDMA Branch to promote QDM and the QDMA in your area. If you share these goals and the desire to improve whitetail herds and hunting experiences for yourself and future generations of sportsmen, join QDMA today.